Will Writing

Making a Will allows you to distribute your assets according to your wishes and make the important decisions for the future, now. Failure to make a Will leaves your estate intestate and provides daunting complications for your family, when they should be focusing on supporting each other through a hard time; it particularly causes issues in the case of unmarried couples, divorces and inheritance tax.

Our private client team are experienced in drafting Wills, whether you have simple needs or want to protect your business and foreign assets. We can assist you with planning the future you want for your loved ones, so you have the security of knowing its all taken care of. 

We offer tailored advice at fixed fees with a quality and sensitive legal service that approaches the subject of Will writing and estate planning in an accessible manner.

Many people find discussing and planning for death or a loss difficult, but it is essential that you ensure you protect your loved ones and the future with a little careful planning.

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